TEA unwrapped® is a company that strives to make drinking quality loose leaf teas simple, affordable and accessible. Our innovative Loose Leaf Tea & Hot Water Dispenser stores, preserves and delivers loose leaf tea & hot water with simplicity and precision.  Expect to see the first machines in stores soon!  The dispenser will provide a new tool for corporate offices, the hospitality sector, restaurants, and coffee shops to serve premium loose leaf tea at a fast casual pace and price.


TEA unwrapped® was formed by Cheryl Watson. The journey began with the help and support of many friends and family through numerous tea tastings, tea and food pairings, and focus groups that drove the business model.  That journey continues today through trade shows and collaborations with business partners.  Cheryl attained the Certified Tea specialist designation from the Specialty Tea Institute and is passionate about tea and has an extensive background in business and finance. 

With a desire to create broad accessibility to quality teas, the idea for TEA unwrapped® evolved.  An innovative cutting edge product has been designed to store, preserve and deliver loose leaf tea & hot water with simplicity and precision with a goal to open up new markets and more tea drinkers!  The initial product launch of the Loose Leaf Tea Dispenser will provide a new tool for restaurants to serve premium loose leaf tea, typically found only at specialty tea salons and high end restaurants, at a fast casual pace and price. 

Today, TEA unwrapped® is a company that strives to make drinking quality teas simple, affordable and accessible.



Improve the health of all people through tea consumption


Guiding Principles


Provide value by selling a dispenser which can dispense premium quality teas at a fair price

Be innovative, passionate and determined

Provide information on the health benefits of drinking tea

Care about our communities and our environment

Build sustainable long-term growth and profitability

Aspire to improve and change the world


Concept Essence


Tea is our passion, foundation and expertise

We build trust through strong relationships with our customers and suppliers

We are a mental oasis for our customers

We are a source for discovering the healing calming energy of a lifestyle enhanced by tea


A cup of Tea in every hand...